Voice V2 Platform Raises The Bar For Call Quality



Important UpdateSome of the voice features and functionality described in the below blog post are no longer offered by SendHub. In order to streamline the focus of our product to best support the business messaging needs of our customers we’re no longer supporting some of voice related features mentioned here. To learn more about our Business SMS solution, and the features included please visit http://www.sendhub.com/product-features


Over the past nine months we’ve invested a lot of time, research and development into overhauling the architecture of our platform to improve voice quality. Today we’re excited to announce the culmination of all this work - our Voice V2 platform.

Thousands of businesses switched to SendHub in the last year. They all want one thing - outstanding voice calls. Voice is core to what we do here at SendHub and the reason we set out to overhaul every piece of the architecture that powers it. 

Our new Voice V2 platform sets a new standard, providing crystal clear, best in class call quality.

How do you get it?

If you already have the latest version of our iOS and Android apps, you don’t need to do anything, or download any new software - it’s all working in the background for you! If you use SendHub on the web, just go to SendHub.com

What Voice V2 Means For You

An improvement to all things voice, the new platform provides enhanced:

  • Call Quality: In simple terms, it just sounds better! But technically, we’ve made lots of improvements to make it happen, including:
    • Low latency call routing, which means we optimize the signaling and media audio paths to minimize delay between you and the other person during conversations.
    • HD Codecs, which enable us to keep crystal clear HD calls going, even in low bandwidth conditions.
  • Call Reliability: Keep a call going even when you switch networks, make calls without cell coverage using WiFi, and less dropped calls!
  • Flexibility: SendHub evolves as your team grows. Whether you need to add more lines, auto-attendants, call trees or call flows, our all-in-one solution supports all your business communication needs. Don’t see a feature you need? We support custom solutions as well. Contact us HERE to learn more.
  • Features: The Voice V2 platform makes it easier for us to expand our features. Earlier this week we launched our most requested feature, Conference Calls, and you can expect more great updates in the near future!

One more thing - still no hardware! There’s no hardware to purchase or upgrade. With SendHub your team is free to use the computers and phones of their choice to enjoy all the great call quality and features we offer

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning. We’ve got a ton of improvements and new features lined up for this fall. If you’re interested in all the nuts and bolts, we’ll be sharing the technical details about our Voice V2 platform in the coming weeks. We’d like to acknowledge our partner, 2600hz and their Kazoo open source telephony stack, which allowed us to get where we are today. More to come on that as well!

Hear For Yourself

Start up a Conference Call with your team or just give someone a call, we think you’ll notice the difference. If you have any feedback or if there are features you’d like to see added, please let us know in the comments below.

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