Spotlight: Peter Walters, Campus Program Director at Two Degrees Food


Peter Walters is a recent college grad, in fact so recent, he should still be recovering from a massive graduation celebration (ok.. maybe not, he graduated last may - but still). But instead, he jumped head first into the family business – Two Degrees Food, which is a one for one social good food company. What does that mean? For every Two Degrees snack bar you purchase, the company donates a meal to a child in need.

What’s even cooler than their incredible business model, is the fact that Peter uses SendHub to coordinate his campus reps (this is after all, the SendHub blog…) 

Peter created the Campus Program for Two Degrees, which now has 75 campus reps across the United States. They all need to be in the loop on HQ updates, changes and other important information but with most of them on the go, it’s hard to narrow down times to talk on the phone. “Facebook messages and email were our way of communicating but they were never quick enough - I always wondered if they had checked their email that day” he says, “But with SendHub I don’t have to worry about it. I know college kids always carry their cellphones around, it’s like an instant connection to their pockets”.  Before discovering SendHub, Peter also tried other group texting apps, but most of them capped him at 25 contacts per message, which isn’t a solution for a business. 

But only business talk is boring so we also did a fun little Q&A with Peter…

Fav part of SendHub: Multiple Groups

Fav Two Degrees bar: Chocolate Banana

Fav tech gadget: my singing Justin Bieber toothbrush (oops - secret’s out)

Most embarrassing SMS moment: accidentally texting Mom instead of girlfriend :-/

Ladies - he sounds like a real catch, doesn’t he? You can follow him @petertwodegrees if you want to learn more. We hope you enjoyed our Spotlight, and if you (or your company) want to be featured, send us a txt and tell us how YOU use SendHub :)

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