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On Monday October 3, 2016 SendHub announced that plans are underway to build in an array of new bulk SMS features. One feature SendHub is sure will please customers is the new campaign management functionality. Though we are still testing, innovating, and working on these features, we are confident that these tools will be built to please businesses looking to target their SMS campaigns by specific demographics important to their business.

Text messaging is a powerful method of communication today, especially for businesses—90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, and the average open rate is over 99 percent. That’s why SendHub was built from the ground up to deliver cutting edge technology that businesses can use to leverage the power of SMS messaging.

While the current SendHub message delivery model is best in class, SendHub is constantly striving to improve the product and create the best business SMS messaging platform available.

Currently, SendHub has packages that offer bulk SMS services on monthly or yearly subscriptions. SendHub customers can subscribe to the online SMS sending service and take advantage of SendHub’s mass text feature right from their office computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Campaign Management Is About To Get A Facelift

Companies want to leverage large amounts of data about their customers, not just the cell phone numbers for text messages. In addition, businesses want to target specific demographics with their communications. This has created the demand for SendHub’s new campaign management tools that will allow businesses to target their message to the audience they define.  Any of the data that was uploaded for the campaign can then be leveraged to provide reporting on data analytics.

SendHub provides quality features that help users send a text message from their computer, but the new campaign management functionalities will take SMS to the enterprise-level. The new SendHub features will make it easy for businesses to send bulk messages to their customers, allowing for personalization of each message with merge tags. 

SendHub’s new campaign management can be setup for outbound notifications, two way messaging, and highly interactive self-services.  Inbound messages can be routed to an agent/queue or to the interactive service to insure the campaign is being managed as efficiently as possible.

Bulk SMS To Enhance Conversational Messaging

The way businesses communicate is evolving rapidly, and SendHub is on the front lines of this major communication shift. The trends in business communication are vastly different today than they were five years ago, and will further change into something completely different five years from now.

In addition to the campaign management tool, SendHub is developing technology that not only works perfectly for business communication now, but will ensure that SendHub is still a market leader five and ten years from now.

Sending mass texts from the computer is a powerful feature. So much so that both consumers and corporations prefer to use computer-based messaging instead of traditional SMS services. Mass text from the computer has proven itself as a more convenient and versatile technology. Marketers have been using bulk messaging for SMS marketing for a while now and it's time for an upgrade.

As such, mass text messaging by SendHub's current solution remains widely used for a variety of reasons including:

  • The ability to send hundreds of SMS through bulk messaging features
  • Precision delivery of messages without worrying about your message being filtered as junk
  • Easy subscription procedure
  • It’s affordable
  • The service is exceptionally reliable

Community Collaborated Development

SendHub is vested in delivering what customers need, which is why a survey went out to users asking what features and functions they would like to see built into the new technology. Top SendHub leaders analyzed every individual response and have already used those responses to guide future iteration cycles. Thanks to feedback on the last survey, we have focused more on the campaign management features that will be included on the new technology. If you haven’t already, please feel free to tell SendHub’s top executives what you think would benefit your business. Click here to go to the original survey, but please still check out our latest survey here.

Get Ready For New SMS Technology

Constant innovation and improvements to SendHub’s existing design have greatly improved online bulk messaging in the past, but these improvements will be unmatched. Get ready for SendHub to pierce the market with a new bulk SMS system.


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