SendHub CEO Ash Rust's Interview with Ideamensch on Productivity, Starting SendHub, SMS, and more.



Interested in getting a look into the thinking behind SendHub or just some tips to be more productive?

The great folks at Ideamensch recently posted an in-depth interview with our CEO Ash Rust in which he digs into a number of interesting topics including:

  • Where did the idea of SendHub come from?
  • What are his secrets to a productive day?
  • How does he bring ideas to life?
  • And more

What’s one trend that really excites you? “…Not every business can afford to build and maintain an app, and most customers don’t want to install software for a simple one-time interaction. I see MMS and SMS as key tools in fueling that transition. We all have cellphones, and we can all get texts; there’s no need for an app to deliver the info your customers need."


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