Spotlight: the 116th Annual PTA Conference (and creating a contest on SendHub…)


Every year (for the last 116 years), hundreds of members of the National Parent Teacher Association from all over the country descend upon one location for a conference, where they attend workshops and meetings about how to grow their local PTA groups and further their mission. This year, the conference happened to be just down the road at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California so we hopped on down to take part in the two-day exhibition of education-focused businesses.

For us, going to the PTA conference was a natural choice. The PTA is committed to advocating on behalf of the nation’s children and helping them become the best students possible. They work hard to encourage parental involvement with teachers and with students. Part of the difficulty is always improving communication, and as a company that provides an easy and useful mobile communication service, we fit right in. In fact, SendHub was founded to try and help solve the communication gap that so often is created between teachers, students and parents (you can re-read that original story right here.)

The conference was a blast. For two days, we set up shop in one of the convention center’s exhibition rooms, along with dozens of other businesses, which ranged from Two Degrees healthy snack bars - which donates a meal to a hungry child for every bar purchased - to the elaborate Neos play system of Playworld Systems, inc. 

We chatted and discussed SendHub with people from all over the country. Teachers loved the fact that by getting a SendHub number they could now reach out to students over SMS without giving out their private number. “I am excited to use SendHub to connect with teachers and students in a new way, without having to compromise my personal number” said Alverta, a South Carolina native who has been involved in the PTA for 40 years. Eddie, from the Kentucky PTA, exclaimed further that “SendHub will allow me to easily organize meetings and send reminders to other PTA members. It makes my life so much easier.

The green iPhone cases we were handing out were also a big hit. Those lucky PTA members touting iPhones got both our SendHub app and an attractive case for the price of…nothing! Some people came back for extras for their sons and daughters, and we were happy to oblige. (By the way… you know you can get one of these too, right? Just email with your address and we’ll send you one!)

But no conference booth is complete without a giveaway. So we used SendHub to create one in three easy steps:

  1. We set up a conference keyword, in this case “PTA”, and made a sign with our SendHub number and the keyword on it
  2. People joined our group (text-to-join feature), and then we asked them to text us how they would use SendHub to make their lives easier. One simple rule: the most creative answer wins the prize; this time - a brand new Kindle fire!
  3. We sifted through some amazing answers (which was definitely my favorite part!) and picked our lucky winner, Isabel, a mom & PTA delegate from Santa Clara, CA!

… then we used SendHub to notify our winner, got her address, and this shiny new toy is on the way to her right now :)

All in all, there was a lot of energy and excitement about SendHub among PTA members, and we had a blast attending. Look out, you may be able to spot us at these more often…


Garrett & the SendHub team

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