Profile: Dr. LaKendra McColumn, Injury 2 Wellness Centers


SendHubIf you ask LaKendra McColumn, she’ll tell you that she has no regrets about investing nearly a decade of her life in school and a lot of money in order to enter a profession she loves. But, the last thing she wants to do now that she is a Chiropractic Physician is spend all her time chasing down patients. Explains Dr. McColumn, “we have started scheduling appointment reminders for patients a few days in advance and our patients say it really helps - especially younger people.” 

A missed appointment equals lost productivity and revenue for a doctor’s office. “SendHub is helping to save us a lot of time. We have two offices and it makes it easier to communicate with all of our patients,” she noted. “It’s better for me if patients don’t have my personal number, so I really like that I get a completely separate SendHub number without having to spend money on another phone,” Dr. McColumn concluded.
SendHub’s scheduled messages are a great way to reduce no-shows and increase productivity. Scheduling messages is easy, here’s our video on how to do it (
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