Profile: Cameron Barbas - Creative Destruction Clothing


SendHubCreative Destruction Clothing (CDC) is offering customers in Tampa, Florida one-of-a-kind gear that is in high demand. Cameron Barbas and his co-owner work with tattoo artists from across America to keep the store stocked with the freshest footwear that integrates unique artwork into everyday life. “Texting allows us to send out updates to the customers we know will be interested in new products that arrive and many people visit the store within a day or two after getting a message,” Cameron explained.

He continued, “Some of our customers also ask to help us with some of the charity events CDC supports, so we are also using SendHub to let people know when we have something cool coming up.” Texting enables direct contact with customers, especially true for young consumers, and “helps a small business level the playing field with large companies that can afford billboards or commercials,” argued Cameron.

SendHubSendHub is excited to be powering communication for CDC and other small businesses around the country. Whether you are advertising new products or reminding clients about existing appointments – like many of our doctor offices and beauty salons do everyday – SendHub makes it simple for you to message anyone.

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