New SendHub Messaging Interface, Including Thread Controls and Badge Improvements



When you log into SendHub on the web you might notice some new features and a brand new look.

Today we’re announcing another big step in our ongoing improvement to text messaging. We spent the past year working closely with customers using SendHub on the web to send, receive and manage SMS and MMSbusiness text messages. It became clear to us that we needed to rethink our interface to better accommodate the needs of this use case and provide a more intuitive, streamlined platform for business messaging workflows.

Redesigned and Refreshed Inbox
Today’s complete, streamlined redesign is a huge step up in look and feel. Since the inbox is the central element of SendHub we rethought how to bring the content our users care about front and center. An increased width of the inbox strips away some other elements and provides a more focused interface. In addition to a more polished, modern look the new layout paves the way for some exciting new things in the future. Stay tuned for new updates we’ll be releasing shortly.



We’ve updated the badge counter to now reflect the per thread message rather than per message. For businesses using our inbox as a collaborative workspace this is a huge upgrade, offering more visibility and opportunities for customization.



If you click on an individual message thread you’ll notice some big improvements there too.

Improved Conversation Threads and the ability to Mark as Unread
SendHub’s conversation threads are an important feature and a big reason so many customers choose us as their communication hub. Each and every message is given it’s own conversation thread that’s automatically organized, archived, and simple to have a back and forth dialogue with. In SendHub on the web we’ve added the ability to mark threads as unread. This unlocks a number of useful workflows and collaboration options when sending and receiving business messages. For teams managing inbound and outbound communication in a shared environment (account, number or inbox) this brings a more effective way to manage messages - similar to what our customer have come to expect in email and task management. Previously, if you clicked into a thread, it was marked as read.  Now, people can use unread threads as a running to-do list.  Click into a thread you weren’t supposed to, and still need to assign it to someone?  Mark it as unread so it’s surfaced to the top of the inbox.


How to Use This Feature 

There are 2 ways to mark a thread as unread. First Login to SendHub on the web ((this feature is not available on mobile): 

  1. Click into a thread.  On the top right, click on the ‘Edit’ button, and hit ‘Mark as Unread’.
  2. Click into a thread.  Hover over a message bubble in a thread, and click ‘Mark Unread’. 

There’s Much, Much More to Come
It’s time business messaging is given the consideration in the communication landscape it deserves. We’re setting out to build a complete collaborative, simple to use solution for business messaging.  By adding the inbox controls launched today and still to come, we’re inventing new ways people can use SMS and MMS as a tool for their business.

In the coming weeks we’ll be launching lots of new features focused on the business messaging use case that will:

  • Improve speed (save time) & productivity while using SendHub
  • Make it easier to collaborate with teams while using SendHub

Stay tuned! 

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