Who’s The Prettiest Of Them All?


Magic Mirror on the wall… oh wait, wrong story.

I think we can all agree that it has been a busy few months for us since we left our cushy, warm home at Y-Combinator… we raised a $2M seed round, moved into a new office in downtown Menlo Park (with a green wall), launched our iPhone app, added the call & voicemail feature, and now… we have another new exciting announcement for you :-)

As of 5 minutes ago, SendHub’s website is rocking a new outfit. What? Oh yeah… we redesigned the entire site, added landing pages targeted toward professionals in education, non-profits, coaches and small business owners, and updated the homepage video. Wanna go check it out? That’s ok… we’ll wait right here.

Seriously, go look & watch!


Because SendHub is such a flexible communication tool, we added these new landing pages in hopes that they will help indicate productive ways different people can take advantage of different features:

  • Business - with texting, phone and voicemail service, SendHub is making having a business landline increasingly irrelevant.
  • Education - Teachers can send updates and reminders to students and parents without giving out their private number.
  • Non-profit - Meeting reminders and encouragement over text, instead of relying on, and waiting for emails.
  • Coaches - Keep your players on schedule using group texting.

But that’s not all we have to share. As a team, we’ve been working hard on getting new features out and making SendHub better than it already is. This past weekend, we saw some of that hard work pay out by reaching a new milestone.

Thanks to all of our amazing users (yes, I’m looking at YOU!) we have now sent over 1 MILLION text messages! Yup, you read right - ONE MILLION. Or as Dr. Evil would say….


We’re really excited to share these news with you. If you have any suggestions for features, or thoughts on the new homepage, do let us know - we’d love to hear your feedback. Text, or email us :-)

Garrett & the SendHub team

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