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May 06

Engineering The Customer Experience

We are excited to co-host a five city roadshow with Twilio, Google, Box, DocuSign and other companies offering great cloud-based products. Our goal is to showcase the power and flexibility Cloud based technology now offers both small and large businesses. SendHub is eager to meet our customers in person and  discuss the benefits of deploying scalable, readily upgradable software applications.

Expensive, legacy driven, and hard to upgrade technology is so 20th century. There are better alternatives and this roadshow will bring market leading software to a city near you. We will help you understand the current state of Enterprise solutions from top SaaS application and service companies. The participating companies will show you how to deploy and implement SaaS and PaaS solutions and applications to enable more flexibility with your software infrastructure.

SendHub is featured on a panel exploring the benefits of building a scalable enterprise solution, so be sure to attend! If you are an IT Professional, project and infrastructure manager or developer looking for a competitive advantage in delivering multi-channel communication platforms you do not want to miss this event.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the following locations:

May 13th – Atlanta

June 6th – Chicago

June 10th – New York

June 17th – Santa Monica

June 24th – San Francisco

Please register here. Use promo code “SENDHUB50” and get a 50% discount on tickets. Follow us on twitter @sendhub, for more details. Any further questions please direct them to

Apr 30

April 28th Tech Talk Videos

Videos from our tech talk series this month are now available.  We were honored to have hosted both Mattt Thompson and Kat Li this month. 

Kat Li - Empowering Your Community

Mattt Thompson - Secrets of Objective-C

And in case you missed it we’d like to highlight a few really cool things our presenters had to share:

Stripe’s Open Source Retreat: A great opportunity for anyone interested in giving back to the open source community. Stripe will give you a healthy stipend and a great place to work for three months.

CFHipsterRef pre-order: Mattt’s new book CFHipsterRef will be available at the end of May. Be one of the first to own it by pre-ordering you copy now. Unlike his last book, most of the content will be exclusive to the book so don’t miss out.

Mar 12

SendHub Debuts New iOS 7 App

Today we’re excited to announce the newly re-designed SendHub app for iOS 7.  It’s available for iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s free, and you can download it here.  At SendHub, we strive to make business communications fast and simple. Our latest iOS 7 update brings simplifications to our user interface, making it even easier to communicate with your customers and coworkers.

What’s New

We’re excited to share the new app update with our thousands of customers who have come to trust SendHub for their telephony. We hope you enjoy the new iOS 7 app!

Please share any comments or questions regarding the new iOS 7 app to:

Download SendHub for iPhone and iPod Touch


Dec 20


Dec 18

How We Built the Android Manager App

A while back we released the SendHub Manager App for Android which allowed managers to add and remove phone lines, and keep track of all their company usage. Today we’ve added the ability to log in to the SendHub app on any of your phone lines with the click of a button.

Until now, the SendHub Android app was used primarily by a single user at a time, with logouts and logins being relatively rare. User sessions were handled by simply downloading all of a user’s data when they logged in and clearing it when they logged out. This process was time consuming, data intensive, and not up to snuff for users who wanted to quickly log in and out of multiple accounts.

We hold all user information in a SQLite database, so given that we needed to persist data in order to keep session switches short we came up with two possible ways to handle this:

1. Add a userID column to all our tables and store all users information in the same table.

2. Create a new table for each user and switch between these at login/logout.

We went with option two for several reasons. First, we want to keep our queries fast, and using multiple databases means we will already have only the subsection of user data that we might need available at any time. Second, we want to keep the app to as small a storage footprint as possible and it is much easier to remove an entire database if it hasn’t been used in a while than to select specific data out of a larger database. More importantly, this was the option that required the least amount of change with our existing code. There is no need to rewrite queries or add new migrations; all we had to do was swap out the database as the user changed.

The basic implementation was straightforward: since we use a singleton for our database helper anyway, we simply added a bit of logic to getInstance() to make sure the correct database was returned.


The code above is a typical implementation of a singleton getter with two additional pieces. If there is no userId for the session we don’t create a database because no one is logged in. If there is a user ID, then we check if the current DatabaseHelper is attached to any database that does not match the user ID. If the IDs don’t match we simply close the old database and create a new DatabaseHelper with the correct user ID.

This is a quick way to add multiple user sessions to an app, but keep in mind it also requires code for cleaning up old databases and preventing long running processes from dumping data into another users database. Wanna check it out? Download the SendHub Manager App today and let us know how it’s working for you!

Dec 17

Attachments Available on iOS

Today we’re announcing attachments for our iOS SendHub app. You can send images, PDFs, and videos all from your iPhone.

Want to share documents with colleagues, send your family photos, or share a form with a customer? You can do all these from your Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Download it now in the Apple App Store.


Dec 12

Attachments For Android!

A few months ago we launched the file attachments feature for web. Today, we’re excited to officially announce attachments for Android! If you haven’t used it yet make sure to check it out.

You can easily send everything from images to PDFs right from your Android phone. Email your class assignments, send your customers forms to sign, or send a loved one an image — everything is possible with SendHub attachments.

image image image

For those on iOS, don’t worry, we’ve heard your requests. Attachments for SendHub on iOS will be rolling out shortly. In fact, here are a couple screenshot to get you ready.

image image

Dec 11


Nov 27

SendHub First Tech Talk

We’re having our first tech talk on Wednesday, December 11th! Sign up here. Learn about the secrets of Go, SQL and Android from some great speakers:


Caleb Doxsey - Secrets of Go (20mins + Q&A)


Harry GlasserSecrets of SQL (10 mins + Q&A)


Harry Noble - Secrets of Android (10 mins + Q&A)


Free pizza and drinks!

Spots are limited so sign up soon here.

Sep 12

Join SendHub at TwilioCon 2013, the Conference for Innovators and DOers

Do you want to know more about the latest tech trends? Are you looking to improve your business phone system? Then join us at TwilioCon next week!

TwilioCon 2013 is this September 17th through 19th in San Francisco, and we’re going to be there! Join us at the conference for software people – developers, decision makers, and entrepreneurs – who are building the future of communication.

TwilioCon will include inspirational and technical sessions with incredible speakers from various industries and companies like Zendesk, Parse, and Google. They will talk about their best communication practices, technology trends, driving real business results, and creating customer interactions with new business processes. Specific topics will include how to strategize your API, reinvent customer engagement with SMS, handle data at a massive scale, and even hack in the physical world.

We will be at our booth in the Community Hall throughout the conference along with many other DOers from the community, including developer evangelists and innovators, so don’t forget to stop by! Make sure to stick around in the evening Wednesday, September 18th for the Hacker Olympics, which is both a spin on the regular hackathon and a tournament filled with exciting challenges.

If you haven’t bought your tickets, be sure to get them before they sell out. We have a 25% discount promo code [SendHub_VIP] on TwilioCon tickets for our community.

We’re excited to be sponsoring TwilioCon and hope to see you all there!


For more information about TwilioCon 2013 check out their website: