Introducing improved SendHub messaging now with inbound MMS



Text messages have clearly proven their utility in the business communication landscape, and as texting becomes more and more widely utilized the SendHub solution will continue to improve to meet the needs of this quickly growing use case. Today we’re announcing the first step in our ongoing focus on improving and expanding our text messaging capabilities. 

Introducing Inbound MMS Support

MMS (multi media messaging) support has been one of our most highly requested features. Today we are pleased to announce that SendHub phone numbers can now receive incoming MMS picture messages. When communicating via text it’s all about getting your point across. Using text messages provides an efficient, effective way to send an alert, an update or an important message. Unlike email or voice calls, texts are typically read right away with over a 99% open rate, far surpassing channels like email. In this medium clarity and brevity are key factors when trying to get your point across and adding MMS functionality only improves the quality of your business communication.

What does MMS Support Provide?

  • Enhances collaboration and productivity by bringing richer conversations.
  • Allow even more people to participate. Not everyone has access to computers  or smartphones at all times, and email isn’t always necessary or accessible. MMS can complement voice, and SMS, and give a new way for people to communicate with businesses using their cell phones.
  • Improves logistics, support, delivery, and transportation use cases. For those on-the-go without access to a computer they can quickly share an image instead of having to upload documents.

Say More With Less

As the business texting use case has evolved it became clear to our users that they could have less back and forth by requesting a photo. Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words, and in a medium such as text messaging, with only a limited amount of characters, a MMS picture could go a long way. With this new feature, customers are already reporting better, more efficient communication, with less back and forth.

The Details

  • Who gets access to this feature?
    Available now for all of our users.
  • What do i need to do to use this feature?
    Nothing, support is already included in all our apps and on the web. If you get an inbound MMS message sent to your SendHub # the image should show up automatically. If you haven’t already be sure to upgrade to the latest version of our iOS and Android  apps.
  • Are there any limitations?
    Currently you can not receive MMS on a toll-free phone number. We currently don’t support outbound MMS messages. If you have any specific questions you can contact our support team.

What Can I Do with Business Messaging?

We put together a new website showcasing our business messaging offering, and highlighting all the great features, customers, and success stories. Click here to visit.

What’s Next?

This is the first of many big improvements. We’re hard at work on new features, updates, and overall improved user experience for messaging  Stay tuned for more updates to come including better MMS support, and future integrations including calendar events, contacts, documents, audio and more.

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