Inbox Zero? Done.


What you say? Yes… it’s true. SendHub can help you get to Inbox Zero a little faster now, with the new Message Center.

You ask. We listen. Simple as that :-)

One of the features requested by many of you was the ability to separate your inbox, and see Unread Messages only, as well as the Scheduled Messages you have set up. Today, we’re really excited to release these new features, in the Message Center.


To change the Message Center - simply click the down-arrow next to “All Messages” and select one of the options from the drop-down menu.

Scheduled Messages

This is one of our favorite features because we use it in the office for all of our team announcements, but also see a variety of ways you all use it, to make your lives easier. 


Teachers use it to contact their students about homework, tests or schedule changes; health-care clinics & doctors use it to remind patients about appointments; and coaches send their players reminders to get to practices & games on-time.

With the updated feature you can now see all of your upcoming scheduled messages, as well as edit or delete them, right up until they get sent. Remember: the time you schedule is in the time zone your computer is in. (Psst: read more about scheduled messages here)


We’re really excited to share these news with you. If you have any suggestions for features, do let us know - we’d love to hear your feedback. Email, or text us: (650) 830-5662 :-)

Garrett & the SendHub team

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