Free Phone Lines for Every Team Member!



Important UpdateSome of the voice features and functionality described in the below blog post are no longer offered by SendHub. In order to streamline the focus of our product to best support the business messaging needs of our customers we’re no longer supporting some of voice related features mentioned here. To learn more about our Business SMS solution, and the features included please visit

Have you Heard? Now your company can add as many phone lines as you need… for free!

SendHub now offers free phone lines for all of your co-workers. We make it as simple as we made signing up in the first place. Why do we give you a free phone number? We asked our customers what we could do to make SendHub easier for them and effective for their business. They told us that being able to manage phone lines and add accounts, without worrying about fees, would do the trick. So we made it happen– you can now setup the entire phone system for free.

How does it work? Simple. A manager invites their coworkers and they sign up individually on the web. They can add themselves to the phone system in seconds that connects them to their manager and other co-workers. Say ‘Goodbye’ to the notorious second cell phone you had to lug around for work.

Your account is completely flexible so you can add or delete lines as your business needs change. As the administrator of an account, you have control over all of these accounts. We want to help you improve your company’s internal and external communication system by making SendHub as convenient for you as possible.

Be on the lookout for more upcoming features, including MMS. If you want to be among the first to know about our new features and releases, text “MMS” of “Features” to the number, 6508305662, to receive about all of our updates straight to your phone.



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