Casual Friday: meet our Engineering Intern, Lucas!


Lucas Ellgran, Software Engineering Intern

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Unofficial job: Captain Major Double Extreme Gunnery Sergent of Mountain Dew Consumption

Fun fact: I was actually born in Colorado and moved to Minnesota when I was about 12. I grew up on the slopes and learned how to ski not long after I could walk.

Best prank call you pulled off (or want to pull off):  One of my friends once managed to get a hold of the phone number for the White House. He and I called them up and played whale sounds into the receiver. (It seemed really funny at the time//alcohol may have been involved)

What’s your biggest texting pet peeve?: When people abruptly stop responding during a text conversation. If you’re going to take three hours to respond to my last message, the least you could do is say “talk to you later” first.

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