Casual Friday: meet John!


John Anthony Fallone, Chief Operating Officer

Hometown: Rochester, N.Y (phonetics of an upstate New Yorker - RAH - chest - er)….. and I know what you are thinking - no - I am not from anywhere close to New York City. I live is 334 miles away from NYC (Thank you Google Maps); the part of New York that gets over 100" of snow a year, people talk like the mom from Bobby’s world, and is home to the Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate.

Unofficial job: I don’t have any unofficial jobs but my hobbies include legal reading, taxidermy, lifting up heavy things and amateur chiropractic care <—- Only 2 of the 4 are true.

Fun fact: I will give you two! My brother broke my hand with a 5lb sledge hammer when I was eight and I met my wife when she slapped my butt while I was walking through a bar in college. <—— Both of these are true.

Best prank call you pulled off (or want to pull off)?: I have never really been one to prank call. However, I may or may not have been recently implicated as an accessory before the fact to a “cat facts” messaging prank. BTW, did you know that a large majority of white cats with blue eyes are deaf? Fascinating!

What’s your biggest texting pet peeve?: My biggest texting peeve, not at the moment, but ever, was not understanding how to use the T9Word function. I used to feel like my friends each had 8 thumbs because of how fast they could carry on a text conversation with me. Thank gawd for QWERTY and a freakin’ keyboard. My biggest pet peeve now is when people refuse to accept a societal shift towards efficiency by failing to accept texting messaging shorthand like lol, ttyl, u instead of you and ANFAWFOS, which of course means “and now another word from our sponsor.”

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