Casual Friday: Meet Our Superuser Intern, Ben!


Ben Jubas, User Support/Project Management Intern

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Unofficial job: Marketing agent for Wheaties: the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner of Champions!

Fun fact: I once helped break up a fistfight between a teammate’s father and the team bus driver.

Best prank call you pulled off (or want to pull off):  I never really prank called, but when I was in elementary school I once or twice pulled a devious trick where I created AIM screennames that looked similar to other friends’ screennames (by switching a capital ‘i’ to a lower case 'L’ or something along those lines). I would chat with other friends and get access to some interesting information. In hindsight, they should have noticed that I wasn’t on their buddy list.

What’s your biggest texting pet peeve?: When someone calls to make a short comment or ask a quick question when it would be easier if they just texted. Alternatively, when people want to have a lengthy, substantive discussions over text instead of calling or meeting in person.

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