The SendHub API: Heroku for Twilio


Today we are excited to launch our API - the easiest and fastest way to integrate text messaging into your app. You can be up and running in minutes not days, so head over to our developer page to get started.

We’ve been working on Twilio’s superb platform since we started SendHub last year. It’s extremely powerful and we think it’s going to be as important to the Web as Amazon’s AWS. However, we know most developers don’t have enough time to make a pot of coffee, let alone build their own Twilio app to integrate texting. The developer community is important to us; many friends have lent us a hand with SendHub when we needed it, so we decided to open up our API for all of you.


We want developers to spend 100% of their time working on their apps and not have to worry about building and managing an additional SMS app. The SendHub API has everything you need to integrate SMS today:

Powerful Inbox:

  • Sending and receive messages with no setup 
  • Keep your conversations in context with message threads 

Send to individuals and groups:

  • Fully functional contact database out of the box 
  • Organize your contacts easily with groups 

Value add features:

  • Schedule messages to be sent later 
  • Let contacts join your groups via Text to Join 
  • Get realtime feedback on your messages 

Heroku changed things when they made Amazon’s AWS accessible to every developer, and we hope our API can do the same for you with Twilio.

As always, if you have any feedback, please let us know - we love hearing from our users.

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