5 Situations When Texting Makes for Good Business - Contributed Article


Everyone loves texting — so much, in fact, that many people will text 100 times rather than make a short phone call. Texting is convenient, fast, and, best of all, requires only a basic cellphone.

So why is it that, while friends and families text one another constantly throughout the day, many businesses fail to take advantage of the most popular form of communication for U.S. adults under the age of 50?

Texting is critical to your personal life, and it can also be a powerful business communication tool.

Our CEO Ash Rust runs through the 5 situations when Business SMS is the right choice in this contributed article in Business 2 Community.

1. Temporary staffing: If you need to reach 1,000 people to let them know you have jobs available in an hour, nothing beats a text. This happens all the time in manufacturing. Automated phone systems are bulky and intrusive, and many people plainly don’t read their emails. One message — “We need 100 people by 7 a.m.” — makes everyone’s phones buzz at once...

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