Profile: Johnna Strenchock, Academic Program Specialist



Two of SendHub’s co-founders were student-athletes at Florida State University (FSU). As proud alumni, we are very excited to see numerous FSU departments and student groups among our growing user base. Johnna Strenchock is an Academic Program Specialist within the Athletic Department and one of SendHub’s power users.
“Email is great if they check it, but they don’t,” said Strenchock of the student-athletes with whom she works. She continued, “I am sending text messages to 87 players each day and I am sure that everyone will get them.” Currently, Johnna is sending everything from assignment reminders to confirming tutorial sessions via text and she soon plans to start sending text messages to coaches as well.

“Their phones are always with them, even if they shouldn’t be,” noted Strenchock. “It really helps that I am able to choose an area code that the students recognize and they are able to save the number in their phone. Other systems send the messages from a random number, which my students ignore because they don’t know where it’s coming from.”

We started SendHub to help educators at large universities and small charter schools alike and we’re committed to that vision.

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