Profile: James Brown, Pastor


Bishop James Brown of Victory International Church in Fort Worth, Texas, has been using SendHub to send daily encouragement texts. “I like the ability to reach people every day with something that will impact them as they walk”. Bishop Brown’s database has grown to over 600 contacts and may soon surpass the number of parishioners that visit his church every Sunday.

“People will keep their cell phone numbers long after they have moved to a different address”

“I received a call from one pastor and he said ‘my people are waiting and they are expecting it no later than 8am’, but I wasn’t sure what he was talking about,” noted Bishop Brown. He soon discovered that other pastors around the country were forwarding the text he sends every morning to their own parishioners. According to Bishop Brown, “when someone changes their number, I know before the phone company because my members want to make sure they get their text message. Pastors are hard-pressed to reach everyone in his or her sphere of influence with just phone calls and e-mails, but we know everyone checks their text messages.” 

Bishop Brown and other members of the SendHub community are taking their message mobile. Sending reminders about service times, special events or a few inspiring thoughts has never been easier. 

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